About Marlene Breitenstein

Art means business.

How do you say that?

Pronunciation help for English speakers.

  • Marlene = mar-LAY-nuh (like Marlene Dietrich, German actor)
  • Breitenstein = BRYT-en-styn (as in bright, and yes, it rhymes with Frankenstein 😃)

What is Marlene’s Nationality?

Born a German citizen, in Germany, to German parents, Marlene became a naturalized American citizen at age four. After living a lifetime in the USA, she now resides again in Germany.

Head shot of Marlene Breitenstein, smiling, with long hair and a blurry background.

Artist’s Statement

Marlene Breitenstein explores nature’s sensual colors, imparting an altered, dreamlike feeling to her naturalistic photography and soft pastel paintings. Paradoxically, our planet’s beauty can seem otherworldly. When presented with breathtaking loveliness or strangeness, we are made childlike again, transfixed by what is both real, yet unreal. Awe is a marker of life’s peak experiences—a raw, heightened state of presence, curiosity, and appreciation—transcendental moments distinct from everyday events. When creating, Ms. Breitenstein conjures this same feeling of meditative wonder, imbuing her work with quiet astonishment.


Marlene Breitenstein (b. 1967, Germany)
Resides in Landau i.d. Pfalz, Germany
Contact Information

Marlene Breitenstein is a full-time, re-emerging artist.


  • Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, 1991-1995, 1998
    • Impressionist painting with John Ebersberger
    • Sculpture with Stephen Perkins
  • Bowie State University, Teaching Certificate, Art, 1991
  • Washington College, Bachelor’s Degree in Art, 1989


Edo Amin (Ido Ilan), Producer, Illustrator, Composer; 2020 – present
[Name withheld for privacy], Professional Photographer; 2023 – present

Exhibitions and Installations

  • 2018
, The Bridge Gallery — Group show
  • 2015 and 2014
, Burning Jam (private festival) — Banjo Effigies (sculpture installation, burned as the event’s culmination)
  • 2013
, Artomatic Jefferson — Group show
  • 2008, D.C. Burning Man Film Festival — Exhibitor, Photography
  • 2008, Playa del Fuego Festival — Seahorse Effigy (interactive sculpture installation, burned as the event’s culmination)
  • 2007, Burning Man Festival, Wicker Man Festival, and Playa del Fuego Festival — Forest Fungus (interactive sculpture installation)
  • 2007, Wicker Man Festival — Sensorium (interactive performance art)


  • 2008, Playa del Fuego art grant
  • 2007, Playa del Fuego art grant

Private Collections

Works held in private collections in the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, England, and Scotland.


Available on request.

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Where Am I?

Sometimes in the Washington, DC area.
Sometimes I’m traveling elsewhere.

Otherwise I’m near Landau in der Pfalz, in the Südliche Weinstrasse (Southern Wine Route) region of Germany, characterized by endless vineyards, and bordered by mountains covered with fairy-tale forests. France is 25 minutes away.